Greener Chef Cutting Board Review

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Are you an eco-conscious home chef looking for the right green cutting board? With so many different brands and styles of cutting boards on the market I decided to give the Greener Chef Cutting Board a try.

Does this organic bamboo cutting board stand up to its advertised hype? Continue reading below to find out!

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Greener Chef Cutting Board

Greener Chef Cutting Board


Construction & Materials

The Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board is made from 100% premium organic moso bamboo that is harvested through sustainable methods. There are not any harmful BPA, toxic chemicals, lacquers and sealants in this cutting board like many others on the market, and there are no dyes or stains used to treat or seal the bamboo cutting board. It is truly organic and arrives in it’s natural state to give you a peace of mind that there are not any unhealthy or mysterious materials on your board. You can smell the freshness of the bamboo when you open the package.                                                                                                                                                                      

The bamboo cutting board has a simple construction:

  • Bamboo strips are water-steamed to naturally clean, color and make pliable.
  • Bamboo strips are formed and compressed to utilize natural plant resin adhesion.
  • Bamboo boards are cut and sanded to shape and smooth the surface.


All cutting board reviews on SteelBlue Kitchen go through a series of durability tests since cutting boards sustain a lot of abuse in the kitchen. These tests are designed to provide insight on how the cutting board will perform under various conditions. Here are the results from testing the Greener Chef Organic Cutting Board:

  • Chef Knife Test – After 500 cuts on the board there was minimal scaring and the blade maintained it’s sharpness.
  • Butcher Knife Test – After few chops with the knife there was some visible scaring; but, they were not extremely deep. I do not see this as the best option for butchering meat, however, normal cutting and chopping fruits, vegetables, and breads with a chef’s knife would be fine.
  • Drop Test – After dropped the cutting board several times from a height of  36″ there was no visible damage to the surface; however, edge impact did cause small indentations.
Greener Chef Cutting Board Durability Test Results

Greener Chef Cutting Board Durability Test Results


The first thing I noticed with the Greener Chef Organic Cutting Board is its size. With a work area of 18 x 12.5 inches there was plenty of area to work without losing trimmings off the side. You can see from the image below as compared to my 10″ Victorinox Chef’s knife. It also has a drip groove for your juicier meats, fruits, and vegetables. There are two sides to the cutting board, and both sides present a beautiful finish that is worthy to serve your favorite creations.

The board is only 3lbs 5 oz and didn’t move around much while using it on my counter, even so there was enough weight to keep it in place without the need of a damp towel or rubber mat; however, it was light enough to easily move around the kitchen. It’s size prevented it from completely fitting in my kitchen sink like a smaller board, but it is not any different from a cookie sheet so washing it propped at an angle worked fine.

Cutting meat on the Greener Chef cutting board

Cutting meat on the Greener Chef cutting board

Cleaning and Maintenance

Natural Bamboo Fibers

Natural Bamboo Fibers

You will need to oil season the board to create a naturally protective seal. This process should be done for 7 days straight with walnut oil or any other healthy food-grade oil. Also note that you can still use your cutting board any time during the sealing process as long as you wash it before oiling.

Use a non-abrasive dishcloth, warm water, and gentle soap to clean your board. Then stand it up on its side to allow the water to run off and not be absorbed. You should also never wash your cutting board in the dishwasher or soak it in the sink.

While washing the cutting board for the first time I noticed some fibers (splinters) on the surface, and I was a bit concerned about the quality until I realized that this is completely normal with this particular board. Most cutting boards are sealed with an oil or other type of sealant. When you oil season you organic bamboo cutting board it will help the bamboo fibers to lay flat.

Other Details

  • Price – $19.99 on Amazon
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee from Greener Chef
  • Made in China

Who is this Greener Chef Cutting Board best for?

I would recommend the Greener Chef Organic Bamboo Cutting Board to home chef’s who want:

  • An all-natural organic cutting board – Made from 100% premium organic moso bamboo that is left unsealed, this cutting board contains no harsh chemicals and allows you to seal it with an healthy oil of your choice.
  • A larger work area – An area of 18″ x 12.5″ is large enough to perform most cutting activities without losing your trimmings onto the counter. Even with a large surface area, this cutting board still is light enough to easily move around the kitchen.
  • A low maintenance cutting board –  There is very minor maintenance required after sealing the cutting board. Cleaning can be done with warm water an mild soap. If your cutting board gets dry or rough, a simple coating of oil can rejuvenate it.
  • A knife friendly cutting board – This bamboo cutting board is not harsh on knife blades, as a results each knife to remain sharp and not dull the blade of time.