Cutting Board Reviews

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Buying kitchen cutting boards can be an overwhelming process with all the various options available. I want to help you discover, research, and select a cutting board that meet your needs, desires, and budget. I expect the best for my kitchen, and I want to help you find the best for yours also. Below is a list of cutting boards that I have personally researched, analyzed, and tested to provide a complete and thorough opinion.

If there’s a cutting board review you’d like to see that’s not listed below please send me an email via my contact form!

Greener Chef Organic Cutting BoardBamboo$20ARead Review
Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Cutting BoardBamboo$18Coming Soon!
Hardwood Chef Premium Acacia Cutting BoardAcacia$80Coming Soon!


Cutting Board Reviews Scoring Tiers

All cutting board reviews are scored using a 1-5 star rating system. This star scoring system is converted to a percentage. Lastly, these final score percentages are used to determine a standard A, B, C grading scale. The grading scale is as follows:

  • A+ – 97-100 – the very best of the best
  • A – 93-96 – exceptional
  • A- – 90-92 – great
  • B+ – 87-89 – very good
  • B – 83-86 – good
  • B- – 80-82 – above average
  • C+ – 77-79 – slightly above average
  • C – 73-76 – average
  • C- – 70-72 – mediocre

Any cutting b that do not score at least a 70% will not be listed.