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Greener Chef Japanese Chefs Knife and Cutting Board Giveaway

Every kitchen deserves to have a quality chefs knife and cutting board. I am giving away the Japanese Chefs Knife with Bamboo Cutting Board Set, Cheese Board with 4-pc Cutlery Set, and 8" Chefs Knife with Bamboo Cutting Board Set. Want to know how to win these prizes?...

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Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife Box Set Giveaway

Who doesn't like winning free kitchen knives? I am giving away the Opinel le petit chef knife box set. This knife among some of my favorite chef knives, and especially for kids who are learning how to cook. I have rated it as the best kid's chef knife available. Want...

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Greener Chef Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife Unboxing

Today I took a few minutes to unbox the Greener Chef Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife. I reviewed their organic bamboo cutting board previously, and was eager to test out their brand new knife. This Japanese chef knife is made from a VG10 core with a Damascus 67-layer...

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White Cook 8″ Chef Knife Unboxing

I just received the brand new White Cook Chef Knife, and I took a few moments to unbox this on video for you. This high carbon stainless steel (7Cr17) chef knife boasts being twice as hard as similar knives. This allows it's blade to remain sharper for a longer period...

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Ten cooking mistakes that make professional chefs cringe

A recent Reddit thread asked professional chefs to share things that amateur cooks do in the kitchen that make them cringe. Some of these are worse than others. Pay special attention to the ones that mention food and knife safety. Learning from these cooking mistakes...

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