Curious Chef Knives Review

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Children love sitting on the counter or standing close by when you are cooking. They get even more excited when you let them help, but what do you do when they ask to help cut up foods? Curious Chef provides a wide assortment of cooking utensils for kids. I recently purchased their Curious Chef Knife Set to see how it would fair with my kids in the kitchen.

Do these nylon knives provide a safe and educational kitchen tool for children? I share my findings below!

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New Curious Chef Kids Knife in Package

New Curious Chef Kids Knife in Package


The Curious Chef company believes that teaching kids how to cook establishes essential life skills including math and vocabulary. They also build self-esteem and create healthy eating habits. In addition to these life skills, cooking together allows family and friends to create strong relationships. And overall children learn how to listen and follow basic instructions. Curious Chef carries a whole line of kitchen tools in addition to their knives that introduce children to cooking.

The Curious Chef Knife Set comes with 3 nylon knives: 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large. These knives all have the same size handle with round button rubber grips. Although the handles are the same size, the blade gets longer with each size increase. The blade has a serrated edge with blunt tip.


Each knife is made from a single piece of nylon. The handle has rubber on it to allow it to be easily gripped.  They have also been tested to meet the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) guidelines and ASTM F963 protection requirements. All Curious Chef product are FDA approved and BPA free.


One of the main focus points for Curious Chef is safety. They strive to provide tools that help children cook within a safe environment. Each plastic knife has a serrated cutting edge and a blunt tip. This allows kids to cut a variety of foods without cutting their skin. The smaller sizes of this set are perfect for younger kids to give them better control when cutting with it.

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These nylon knives are not flimsy. They are a solid tool that you can feel when you hold them. Each blade has firm teeth and will not wear down with normal use. The rubber in the handles have no movement which shows they are firmly secured and will not peel off. One set of these knives should be all your kids need before they upgrade to real stainless steel blade to further their culinary experience.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Curious Chef Knife set requires no maintenance. Since the blades do not have a sharp edge, there no need to hone or sharpen it. The blade and handle is made of nylon with allows it to go in the dishwasher. I did notice some slight discoloration for certain foods like carrots and strawberries, but most of it came with a good scrub. Since there are three knives, my kids love going to these knives for simple cuts. They throw it in the dishwasher and pull out the next size while they wait for them to get cleaned. It does not get much easier than that.


Curious Chef goes above an beyond many kitchen tool companies. They will first and foremost allow you to return any unused product within 30 day of delivery for a full refund. Then they guarantee their products in that if they are found defective, you can return then at any time as long as you have proof of purchase.

Other Details

BladeNylon Serrated
HandleNylon with soft touch button grips
Blade LengthN/A
Full LengthN/A

Who Should Buy the Curious Chef Knives?

I would recommend the Curious Chef Knives to parents who want:

  • A Trustworthy Company – Curious Chef creates an environment that focuses on your trust as a consumer. They make sure their product meet safety guidelines, but they also work to help create a safe place in your home kitchen.
  • An Option for Younger Kids – All of my kids are confident when this knife, but most importantly my 4 year old loves using this knife. I do not hesitate to let him use it, and he makes an effort to cut up a variety of foods without asking an adult for help. This set is helping kids learn how to use knives and growing an larger overall interest in cooking.
  • A Good Value – The Curious Chef Knife Set costs about $9 which you cannot beat for three knives. Although they are one of the cheapest options on the market, the company holds firm to focusing on safety. The knives are durable and easy to clean which means your kids will probably outgrow the knife before they ware it out.