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Real Purchases

I purchase every product that I review. I do not accept free products from companies so that I can assure you that my reviews are unbiased.

Real Tests

Each product is put through a series of tests in a real home kitchen. Kitchen tests in isolated test environments do not give you results that you can expect in your personal kitchen.

Real Reviews

Each review is written from the results of my personal tests and research. I do not compile and rewrite customer reviews from other sites to give you honest and factual reviews.

Real Purchases. Real Tests. Real Reviews.


I want to help you find the best for your kitchen. Each review includes my honest feedback from research, analysis, and testing done by myself.

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I want to help you find the best deal that meets your budget. Grab one of my kitchen knife coupons for your next purchase.

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Knife Care

Kitchen knives are an investment that you use every day. Learn how to help your knives last as long as possible and always be ready for use.

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