Opinel Le Petit Chef Knife Review

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Kids love to get involved in the kitchen, but before you hand over your favorite chef knife you should consider getting them a kitchen knife of their own. There are a variety of styles available from nylon to steel, so I am taking a look at one of the more realistic kids knives and give the Opinel le Petit Chef Knife a try.

Does this kids chef knife provide the right balance of safety and usability? I look at each characteristic below!

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New Opinel Le Petit In Box


The Opinel Kids Chef Knife has a simple looking wooden handle and stainless steel blade. Opinel puts safety first in how the design this knife. It has several features that stand out such as the red plastic ring to help your child maintain their grip on the knife. Their knife sets include other supplemental tools such as a knife guard to help kids hold the foods they are cutting without making their fingers open to the knife blade.


This kids kitchen knife has a handle made from beech wood. This durable hardwood creates a place for kids to grip the knife while also adding an elegant characteristic to the knife. The color and grain of the wood is pretty consistent. It’s light color ranges from yellow to pink with small dark dashes. The handle is attached to the blade with 2 rivets. The blade is stainless steel with a flatter edge that comes sharp. Each part is created and put together in France.

Opinel Le Petit with Guard

Opinel Le Petit with Guard


Opinel’s design of the Le Petit Chef Knife shows their primary focus is safety. The stainless steel blade brings basic similarities of a regular kitchen knife to this kid’s knife. The blade is shaped similar to the santoku knife and is rounded at the tip. They have added a simple red ring behind the bolster as a mean of training young chef’s with the handle or hammer grip. The ring also prevents the fingers from moving under the blade while it is being used. In the Opinel knife sets they also provide a red plastic finger guard to help teach kids how to hold the food they are cutting without allowing their fingers to get in the way.

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This chef knife for children is well made. From its stainless steel blade all the way to the wooden handle. Even the red ring is sturdy and does not flex or bend. The quality of the stainless steel is not the absolute best like professional chef knives, so the edge did tend to dull after several uses. For a kids knife it does not have to be extremely sharp. It worked well for the food that my kids like to cut.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can wash this knife in a dishwasher, well they say this it is dishwasher friendly. However, washing it by hand is recommended to prevent damage that may be caused in the dishwasher. If you cut up some really messy foods you may find it difficult to clean juices and food bits from around the crevasses where the blade, handle, and ring come together. Rinsing it off immediately after use will help prevent food build up in that area. Although the blade is not crazy sharp, the knife does hold a decent edge and requires little maintenance. I found a few pulls on a honing steel helped to bring back its sharpness.


Opinel has a warranty that guarantees their products. If an item breaks or does not perform as designed because of manufacturer defects they will replace the item. The knife seems to be pretty well made, so I don’t expect any issues. It’s still nice to to see them have this guarantee in place to provide a little more assurance before buying.

Other Details

BladeStainless Steel
HandleBeech Hardwood with Rivets
TangPartial Tang
Blade Length4"
Full Length8 3/16"

Dicing onions with the Opinel Kids Chef Knife

Who Should Buy the Opinel le Petit Chef Knife?

I would recommend the Opinel le Petit Chef Knife to parents who want:

  • An Educational Tool –  The primary focus of this knife is to teach and train young kids the proper use of a kitchen knife. The ring on the handle help to ensure that the child uses a properly grip. The finger guard also hold the food they are cutting safely.
  • A Safe Option – Safety is a important with the design of this knife. The rounded blade tip helps to prevent injury. Also, the same ring that teaches the right way to grip a knife also keep the child’s hand from slipping onto the blade. The knife sets include a finger guard to keep their fingers safe from cuts while holding food.
  • A Realistic Feel  – Many kids kitchen knives are made of plastic or nylon, but the Opinel Chef Knife is made from stainless steel. The blade even has a sharp edge to help teach the essential knife skills that other kiddie knife do not provide.
  • An Attractive Design – You can see the well thought out design of this knife through the details of the blade, handle, and safety feature. The knife is esthetically pleasing with the beech wood handle, red ring, and steel blade. It definitely doesn’t say, “cheap knife”.